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"Moments of Wonder" just moments away!

The CD "Moments of Wonder" is done and will be available very soon through, CDBaby, ITunes and most other online retailers. Those of you that already have a pre-release copy may be wondering where the "behind the music" stories are - they are coming soon too!

Feel free to leave comments here - start discussions - whatever...I will answer questions or just keep in touch on this message board, so come back often!

First Entry - Welcome to this new journal!

I have decided to start this journal as a way to keep people informed about what is going on with me, whether at home or on the road. Those of you that have been asking will be pleased...

Bob (Mater, my husband) and I just finished round 1 of working on the new CD. 10 of 12 tracks are done and some even have final vocals on them. This is going to be a remarkable album...gorgeous acoustic and fretless bass work by Byron House, the fabulous Tim Calhoun playing acoustic and electric guitar, Bob on drums and at the helm. He really puts his heart and soul into my albums and is the main reason they have, so far, been as good as they are.
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