Moments of Wonder

Progressive acoustic folk...poetic and lyrical with a myriad of musical influences from pop to bluegrassy-hip-hop. Contributions by Tim O'Brien, Bryan Sutton, Andrea Zonn, Mike Henderson, George Tidwell and others...

If Wishes Were Horses (1998)

Warmly captivating songs in musical styles ranging from smoky jazz to acoustic folk/pop with many stops in between...If you tend to be whisked away by a great song, then pack a bag. This album is a collection of much-needed mini-vacations!

Nick Kane - "Songs in the Key of E"

Tom Manche - "Tom Manche and the Neanderthals"

Susan Anders - "Release"

Jim Stephens - "Reminiscence"

Tim Schumaker - "Songwriter Revisited"

Adam Burrows - "Never One For Silence"

Grand Vista Records -
"Moon Tunes" (cover of Once in a Very Blue Moon)
"Love Songs" (cover of Crazy Love)

Alan Oatley - "This is Not an Apology"

Dan Schaefer - "Wild Ideas"

Mark Robinson - "Quit Your Job, Play Guitar"

Natural Habitat (2009)

Grit and candor...folk, funk, and fresh air. Kathy is at her raw and simple best with this brand-new, hand-crafted guitar/vocal effort. Intimate, authentic, dappled and breezy - right out in the open.
Stranger Than Fiction (2002)

"Sex-starved good girls, identity-seeking drag queens, weather-forecasting dogs, alcoholics behind the wheel...a consortium of interesting real-life characters populates smartly-crafted folk-pop songs nestled under a dark sheen of mysterious grooviness..."