Wonder and Wanderlust

Progressive acoustic folk music - intelligent and refreshingly free of cliche and self-indulgent introspection.

Kathy's songs have been described as paintings; imagery and characters abound in her lyrics, and they have been known to inspire people to action - quit their job, rescue a stray dog, end a relationship.

As a child, she moved every couple years with her family...since then, her entire life has been one long nomadic odyssey. Not great for putting down roots, but perfect for cultivating the sense of wonder and the powers of observation that make her a such an effective storyteller.

Kathy has released 4 critically acclaimed CDs that feature her pop-tinged-alterna-folk-bluegrassy-comfort-food sound, and she has been a finalist or a winner in many major songwriting competitions: Kerrville New Folk, Telluride Troubadour, Mountain Stage, Suwannee Springfest and others.

She is the Director of Camp Summersong (Nashville’s songwriting camp for girls), and travels the country performing and teaching songwriting workshops for kids and adults.

In Nashville, she is well-known for her decades-long stint as host of the city’s most innovative weekly songwriter gathering at Wilhagans on Sunday nights.

“Folk Medicine” – maybe that’s the best way to describe Kathy Hussey’s contemporary and melodic music. Let’s just say there’s no better elixir to counteract the occasional ills of the songwriting scene -- the preoccupied navel-gazing, the world-saving, and the love-lost-lamenting -- than a healthy dose of Kathy’s insightful and inspiring songs. 

Where some cling to tired cliches, she invigorates the listener, spinning stories that are fresh and involving, and delivering them onstage with charm and abundant personality. Her songs channel others, giving voice to the abandoned dog, the child within a 90-year-old woman, the French ice cream vendor, the earth itself. She knows the important light isn’t the spotlight on the singer, but the one shed on the truth. 

Kathy comes from everywhere, tapping into her four-corners-of-the-country upbringing and her self-described “wonder-lust” to turn out a wide range of compelling characters. And why not? Her own story is compelling. One of identical twins, adopted at birth. A hopscotch childhood, always the “new kid.” The high school for rodeo hopefuls. The college commune. The bartending. Every stop full of new things and people to try to figure out. 

Kathy’s songs come to life, because she's immersed in it. She’s a trail guide, a horsewoman, a jewelry maker, a tie-dye teacher and a leader of songwriting workshops for kids. She connects with the things that connect us all, and the proof is in the accolades. Critical raves for her four self-released albums. Festival performance honors at Kerrville, Telluride and Suwannee. Songwriting awards from Mountain Stage Newsongs, American Songwriter Magazine, Just Plain Folks, and the Grand Prize from the 2007 Great American Song Contest for “The Same Mary.” 

“Folk medicine.” Hmm, could be. Consider the evidence. Endorsed by the wisdom of the elders. Natural, with a finger on the human pulse. Stimulates the brain and examines the heart. Dispensed with care and humor, often enough on a house (concert) call. 

Sure looks like the prescription from here. Whatever you want to call it, the doctor says that Kathy Hussey’s music is mighty good for what ails you.